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Double Fine Adventure @KickStarter Almost $2.4 Million (with 9 days left)

This story got a lot of press from Tech Crunch and others about a month ago when the Kick Starter raked in $400 then $900 thousand in only 16 hours.  Now, with 9 days left, no one has checked back in.  Double Fine Adventure is now at almost $2.4 million dollars.  That’s right, MILLION.  Wow.  Congratulations 2 Player Productions!  And another great example of what Kick Starter can do for anyone.

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"Code is Magical" - Get Started Today

The recent Tech Crunch article about Kaitlyn Trigger, the girlfriend of Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger is a great example of how anyone can learn how to develop software.  It gets easier everyday.  This article then reminded me of my friend Clint Hall’s presentation, “Code is Magical”, which you should all watch (only 6.5 minutes).  Stop putting off tomorrow, what you can do today.  Especially women.  There’s no need to be afraid of software.  Check out the comments on the Tech Crunch article for various helpful resources.  Also feel free to check out Codecademy.

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Circuit Playground App from Adafuit Industries

If only the iPad and the Circuit Playground application were available when I was a college electrical engineer :)  For only $2.99 in the Apple App store, you can have your very own electronics resource on your iPad (or iPhone).  This handy, easy to use app supports component identification, information, Ohm’s Law & Power calculations, conversion (decimal, hex, binary and ASCII), resistance calculations in series and parallel, PDF storage and access, and website access to Adafruit.

I would not have expected anything less from Adafruit Industries.  The application is beautiful and easy to use.  Plus very inexpensive.  A must of all scholastic, hackers, and hobbyists alike.  Download yours today!

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Coders 4 Charities - March 23rd through 25th

Come one, come all to the 5th annual Kansas City Coders for Charities event!  I had the privilege of participating in the 4th event, and I must say: it was a lot of fun!  It’s like a Startup Weekend but you go and work on the charity project you choose.  It’s a lot of fun and for a great cause.  Sign up now!  Also, this event seems to lack graphic designers and web designers.  There’s usually enough front and back end developers, but designers are in short supply.  Pass this on to your design friends and have them join you.


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